Light challenges our senses. It triggers us to follow its direction, makes things appear and disappear, and makes us feel warm or cold. It has a big influence on our comfort. Blending the components of lighting allows us to create the perfect atmosphere

delight shade electrical tradingLLC is innovative light trading firm located in Dubai UAE. We are trading high quality products to expedient integrity of the customer through various kinds of lamp like LED lamps, LED bulbs, table lamps, floor lamps, clip lamps, ceiling lamps, pendent lamps, wall lamps and halogen

delight shade can supply new lamps and design lamps according to customer’s requirements. Our lamps and our design scheme are very popular. delight shade has a lot of experience for international lighting project, so our lamp applied to hotel projects /shopping malls/ airports/ outdoor plazas/ streets/ museums/ villas/ club/shops/ homes etc.  

delight shade has a professional quality inspection department to check the quality for different national safety requirements and ensure